Sunday, November 07, 2010

October update

Ahhhh... as I am typing this post, the rain pitter patters outside my window. No one should be allowed to work on such nice rainy weather. It's illegal and so not productive anyway. Lol.

October was an eventful month. It was my best friend's (J's) birthday, my husband's birthday, my godbrother in London's birthday, my brother-in-law's birthday... SO MANY!!! It's also a month where I have to watch my waistline as people and friends treat my husband to a birthday meal, I am also invited. Hehehe.

Went to Seoul in October as well.. yes, Seoul AGAIN... I will return to Seoul anytime (if someone sponsors me.. hehe). Never think I would like Seoul this much. I used to think that my all time favourite place is Kyoto, Japan and nothing else beats it.

I suppose in shopping, Seoul wins Japan hands down anytime. Simply because the cutting of the clothes are not short. (Well, hellooooo!!! Not all Asian women are petite and skinny as most Japanese are). Hardly bought clothes in Japan since the cutting is mostly too short to my liking. But when it comes to scenic places, I will still prefer Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto gives me a surreal feeling, that you can't believe that you're seeing certain things, certain sights that are so lovely and can't believe that it exist.

Ohohoh..part of my trip to Seoul was to attend a Korean wedding. Didn't know that weddings can be so efficient and short! 2 hours including the dinner and it was all over! It wasn't a traditional Korean wedding but it was definitely efficient - an eye opener considering that weddings this side of the globe where I'm from takes at least an ENTIRE DAY. So here are some of my photos from my Korean trip (not much as compared to the trip I had last year cos I was there mainly for shopping. And one can't take photos when their hands are busy grabbing things to bring to the changing room to try):-

Us in Myeongdong. My (shopping) Mecca. Move over Far East Plaza or anywhere else in Singapore!

This was a picture I took in Samcheongdong. An up and coming place in Seoul. Love this pic.

Hubby took this pic of me with my favourite tea place in Seoul - O'Sulloc. And with my favourite and oh-so-delicious Black Tea Roll cake. *Power dessert* Nothing beats this. Not tiramisu, not some avant garde looking cake that alot of cafes try to create these days. Not the seriously common yet all time favourite of most ppl - Molten Lava Chocolate Cake (the one that oozes warm chocolate in it).

And yes, the Korean wedding of our friend, Jae. She looks like she's a princess!

Just came back from a short but really good trip to Bangkok with my Mum. It was just the two of us bonding through shopping, Thai foot reflexology and massages and more shopping. Hey, we women bond that way like how men bond through talking about Army stuff, cars, computer parts and the latest gadgets!!

It was a much needed bonding time. My Mum have not travelled for many years to be able to raise us up. So thank God we could arrange for this trip. The most touching moment was when I asked her when we were onboard the flight to Bangkok: "So how are you feeling, Mum?" and she replied with a sparkle in her eye "I'm very excited, considering I have not travelled for so long".

That sparkle in her eye .. that image of her registered in my head. I won't forget how excited and happy she looked. Serene, but bubbling inside. Though it was only a short 4 days in Bangkok, I came back missing her more than before when I returned home. I remember how as I was unpacking my bag I had a sudden irrational fear of losing her and tears started welling up my eyes. Yeah, like I said. It was irrational. Not sure about most people but sometimes I do get such fears.

I think as I get older I begin to understand and realise how real mortality can be especially with my love ones. Like seeing how my Mum's knee will hurt if we climbed too long a flight of stairs, using the overhead bridge to cross to the other side. I seriously don't like how real mortality can be in my face but yet I know it's this that also makes me treasure every moment with them.

Ok, it must be the rain that's bringing out the "emo" side in me. Hehehe. I shall end here and go search for my SD card where memories and photos of my vacation with Mum are in it. Why the search? As an eager beaver, I like to unpack STRAIGHT away after a trip. While unpacking, I even took out the SD card from my camera knowing that I will load it onto the comp. As I continue unpacking... for the life of me, CANNOT recall where I put the SD card. So yeah.. wish me luck and pray that I can find it!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Year of the Porridge

Yes, the year ain't over but it feels like I have had more porridge than any of my years since I was born. Except maybe the year where I had chickenpox during CNY and could only have porridge for all my meals and was not allowed to touch any of the Chinese New Year goodies as most had eggs as its ingredients. The Chinese (at least the Singaporean Chinese) believe that when one is having CHICKENpox, one cannot touch anything related to (yes, that's right) CHICKEN and beans (cos you're having pox = in mandarin translation sounds like beans). Now, looking back at the year of my chickenpox where I was only primary 3/4? I had such perseverance as a kid. I didn't touch any of the CNY goodies for a good 6 months and stuck to my grandma's porridge with minced pork with nothing else. The minced pork weren't even marinated ok. And 6 months ain't a joke or a short period for a primary school kid.

Ok, before I digress to my perservering childhood... I was saying that this is the year of the porridge for me. Here's why:-

Operation in late April (Hospitalisation leave for 2 weeks):- It was porridge for my 3 meals for 2 weeks.

After going back to work from my op:- I continued to have porridge as my breakfast and lunch for another 2 weeks.

Sick few months ago:- It was porridge for my 3 meals for that one day.

Today I am down with stomach flu:- And I am having porridge since yesterday for my 3 meals.

So yeah.. ain't complaining since at least there's still something to eat. As for stomach flu... I only lost a miserable 0.6kg! I mean c'monnnnnn!! If it's stomach flu, just give it to me so I can lose the weight (even if it's water weight only .. heheh) easily within a couple of days!! Why isn't it making my pain and my body aches "worth" it?! Urgh.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The God of How Much More...

Went to IDMC recently and felt like it was an annual Mecca. Each time I attend this session, I whined about having to take a usual annual leave for a day or two and still having to wake up early in the morning to attend the conference instead of sleeping in like I usually would on my leave days.

But each time when I reach there, I get a fresh insight of the God who send His one and only son who died for me, the God who love me immensely beyond my imagination, a God who pursues me with His love and patience and a God who is ever so faithful despite when I am faith-less.

One of the many things that I learnt was the God of how much more...

Matthew 6:30 "30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?"
Matthew 7:11 "11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!"
Often we misunderstand and perceive our Father in heaven as someone that gives as a man or human gives - with a limit. Yet, it is written in His word that He is a God of How Much More!! It's not about the gifts or resources that He is able to provide. The How Much More stems from how deep is His love for me such that He will not withold from me simply because of His love for me.
I don't want to miss out on knowing more about my heavenly Father of the how much more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Been A Long Time Since I Felt This Way....

It's been a long time since I felt this way. My eyes opened really wide and my fingers ran through every detail. My head began to be filled with ideas... I was impressed. Very impressed. Alot of thought was behind the tiniest of details. As I walked further in, there was an increasing air of excitement ... I was frothing with enthusiasm.

Alas... such is my fate that I am unable to bring home the entire Zara collection for this season! URGGGGHHHHH. Hehehe. Yes, I was referring to clothes mind you. It's really been a while since I get such enthusiasm about an entire collection or about almost everything I saw in a retail shop. Being a speedy gonzales shopper, usually I will go in to shops to only come out either dissatisfied with how the designs in the shop are so bleah that nothing caught my fancy or I barely find something that I really like.

But this season's Zara is mindblowing. The autumn collection was mainly in different hues of brown, grey, blue, black and some whites thrown in. YET, the entire collection looked SO preppy, so fresh and every detailing was fascinating, very nicely put together YET looks so effortless and classy. Here are some photos from the Z
ara website itself:-

This just seems so effortless and yet classy. Different shades of brown can look great too!

This outfit is so lovely that I can't put my finger on what exactly is so nice of this attire. Is it the flowy ribbony sort-of-thing? The flowy top and bottom? It gives a lady a nice shape yet seems comfortable enough! Ohohoh.. I just simply love white and dark navy blue. So nautical! I am uber pro anything nautical.

I saw this brown suede-like material jacket in zara and had to pluck myself away from it literally. Yeah, I know Singapore's weather doesn't permit us locals to wear like there is any possibility of snow. BbbbUt, if you work at where I work... you'll probably wear such attires Mondays to Fridays through the entire work week.
YESSS.. my office is that cold and I ain't exaggerating. The Germans, the Caucasians in my office find it cold too. I love how the grey turtleneck brings out the brown and is in contrast to the white. Ohohoh.. and it seems like double breasted jackets are returning to the shelves by storm. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Note to self:- To avoid entering Zara anytime soon to save save save save save! Or wait until sale.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poly-Me, Poly-You, Polyvore...

The above is my lack of inspiration, anyhow whack together collage / polyvore...or something that I wouldn't mind wearing to work. I like it cos it makes me feel a little non-conventional from the typical black and white working attire yet with hints of being artsy fartsy with the brown prints at the side of the blouse and gold accessories without looking too dress down. At least that's how it makes me feel lah!

Playing with Polyvore again after a couple of years of not playing with it. I suppose it helps me to feel like I am creating something while "shopping" or hunting for the items to create the look I want.

I think playing with Polyvore helps me to save money as it gives me a pseudo feel as though I am shopping. Lol!! It also shows from my bank account that I have more of my last month's salary leftover in my bank...mmmMmmmm.. that's a good sign.

For those of you who are not familiar with Polyvore, check out the description on the website:-
"Mix & match products from your favourite
stores to create outfits or any kind of collage!"

Needs lotsa touch ups to make it look even better like how some of the folks who are also into polyvore does it... something like this I suppose:-

Never thought arranging items to make'em look good can be hard on a clean canvas! Makes me appreciate my magazines more insteas of just browsing through the pages.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Chanced upon Lookbook.Nu and was immediately hooked. Lookbook.Nu is a collective fashion website of people from all walks of life and from all over the world. It fascinates me cos now I no longer need to depend on magazines for fashion inspiration! WoOohOOoO!

The very fact that I can access fashion all over the world from the touch of my fingertips and from the comfort of my home just makes this a brilliant website! High fashion, quirky, simple, classic, weird, totally cannot make it, wannabes, romantic, geek, fun fashion, whatever you can coin it, I can browse from this website and best of all it is from real people (not just fashion models) like you and me.

Another plus point that got me hooked to this site is the photography in each photo. Some are as simple as a plain background with just a mod looking clock and a polka dotted dress just spice up the whole picture:-


The one that got me mesmerized:-


The colour, texture of the dress and how she accessorize it with brown and white and her nude beige shoes and matching dark brown straps on her shoes and the stockings (?) and bangles and the lighting and setting in this (what seems like) simple yet dreamy kindof pic, the what seems like au-natural messy wavy hair... justjustjust..*sigh* mesmerizes... she looks like a modern fairy without wings and a wand.

This website makes me wana dig out all my clothes to try on and snap myself in different poses and angles just for the fun of it while learning and improving on both my photography and my mix'n'match of my limited wardrobe!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

It's Funny How...

- People impose their preferences on your life, they make their preferences known, they tell you what you should and not do (and I'm not even referring to people who are giving genunine sound constructive advice) AND gets pissed off when they realised you do not heed their preferences.

It's even funnier (to me at least) how the same bunch of people come complaining that they cannot stand so and so imposing their opinions onto them. ?????

I think it's also funny how the same people often do not realise that they tell you what you shouldn't do, not realising that they have done what they themselves tell others not to do in the past. Ah... the double standards of life! -.-!!! Ah... I suppose what goes around comes around?

Sometimes I imagine in my head (think Ally Mcbeal) that I'll be saying: "Hah! Now you know how I feel when you said blah blah blah to me the other time and imposed your preferences onto me!" OR "You can impose and say what you want but it won't change my mind... so deal with it!" OR "What gives you the right to impose and police your preference onto me or be pissed with others who does it to you when you've been doing that to me ?".

But like in the show "You've got mail", Meg Ryans' character in that movie is not capable of saying something nasty and meaning it without feeling any twinge of guilt. Not boasting or anything but I know and I know that I am like that because I've said nasty things in the past and try to mean it but always feeling bad about it for days on end.

It's such people that constantly reminds me that we are fallen. We've fallen short of His glory and we are all in need of His grace and every one can do with more grace...including myself! So though I am at the brunt of it, the reminder to myself is to show grace to others and not impose my opinions or preferences on another person as much as I can.

- People tell me that they have thought it through long and hard and though its not the appropriate time ... they still tell you the news?!?!?! What gives??

Cannot wait until later on then tell me? If one have thought it THROUGH and thought it through long and hard somemore AND also know ITS NOT THE APPROPRIATE TIME, then why even bother telling me now? Cannot wait another 1 day, 2 days, 1 week or 1 month later to tell me? If it's not life and death, save it!

- People just call you to "catch up with you" when all they really want to do is tell you to "catch up on them" and update you on their latest life stories and hang up when they are done with "catching up with you".

In such circumstances, I really thank God for free incoming calls.

- People try to comfort you and encourage you, they end up saying all the wrong things because they don't really know what to say yet in their good nature they still want to say something to cheer you up and at the end of the conversation, they may or may not realise they have said the wrong things to you (From my observations, often they do not realise it) and they felt that they have done their bit to cheer you up without realising that they have left you puzzled and more discouraged than before.

I learned to take a pinch of salt in such situations and sometimes to not even take a pinch of salt in the things people say. It's in such situations, I appreciate people who are sincerely honest with themselves (e.g. "I don't know what to say to you") or the golden silence. Also, I learn to see beyond their words and actions that the truly good natured people truly means well.

It's through such scenarios that I am reminded of the special someone in my life that never imposes His preference, His choice, His opinions on me even though He is the only credible person that does not live a double standard life.

I am reminded of how He has shown grace unto me. I am reminded of how He doesn't say much sometimes but just waits there patiently for me to be ready to talk and yet I know He is there for me all the time.

Through all these, I am reminded that He is the only one who created me and died for me and has every right to speak into my life and impose His opinions and preferences in any fashion that He likes to. As such, I live for no one but my God, my saviour, my comforter and friend.